One Year Of Blog

Today I finished editing my poems from Dear Diary. It is the first edit and I removed 30 pages. Re-reading over 90 pages has been exhausting. Nearly every poem brought me back to its origin of thought. Re-living those days effects you I just don’t quite know how it will end.¬†

As the weeks come and go I find myself further and further away from the open wounds. I also find myself in the middle of a tall forest and wondering what to do next. Since Newfoundland I have wanted to sleep, more then usual ūüôā which is a lot. ¬†Nothing left to say on this one year day.

I Have Not Fallen Out Of Love


Is there a reason
I only want sleep
to hold you one more day
to see my image
as a shadow in your eyes
with a background of open skies
no lie no lie
to stand and feel
your hands on my hips
as I taste your lips

I don’t know if I can carry this lie
mask of smiles and hope till I die
our hearts connected with viens
lying in the south of spain

I am sending you my heart
to hold while we are apart
for I have not fallen out of love
I am the mourning dove

dove love dove love