words can open your heart
words, expose darkness within
words, blanket us with comfort
words, of commitment
words, of separation
words, of frozen fear

a single word
can encompass an entire decade
a single word
can change a person’s life
one word can give you reason to live
or permission to die
words are the greatest gift we have been given
words are worth more than gold
words can describe how gold looks and feels
how it can captivate your soul
how it represents eternal love
how it has the power to destroy
some words should come with a warning label
other words should never be spoken

imagine buying your food with a poem
going to the theatre to read words on the big screen
we could give words as birthday gifts
baptisms or weddings or funerals

take any word
now add some before and after
you now have a collection
with the right words
we might be able to stop fighting
with words of understanding and openness
we might enjoy each other a bit more

open yourself
expose your feelings
then let the words flow out of you
with song or rhyme
or just on the rocks
or a twist of lemon
or an olive
words are a beautiful thing
to be enjoyed
my word today is share
what is yours?

december 6 2017




One Heart


lungs need air
eyes need a soul to see
mouth needs thought and words to speak

what of the heart
my heart
is it just a pump designed to flow blood
why is it in my centre
where I can place my hand and feel it beat
our two hearts pressed against each other so many times
is this not the true function of the heart

to fall in love
may be a statement of false
for we do not fall
instead, we give of oneself
we expose our hearts
we welcome the merge
the pressing of our chests together
with every kiss
with every embrace
another vein is fused
woven or welded together as one
such a bond
creates the strongest of heart

when one dies
every kiss
every embrace
must be unwoven ever so slowly
for, if we succumb to haste
we will bleed out, in great pace