Pull Down The Blinds

Photo on 2018-08-27 at 11.24 AM


what is in this cornfield, that pulls me in

deep green with dusting of gold on each leaf

tops adorned with essence of rose and amber

distant views fill with light green rows 

bobbing on the earth like waves in the ocean

when a breath is caught

it’s past from leaf to leaf 

zigzagging the open field

this cornfield that pulls me

the sky is bright

I stay indoors, hiding from the sun

I raise my shoulder and shy away
feels like kryptonite

the sun does not energize me

it does not fill my heart with joy

instead, it steals from me

or so I imagine

If I could pull the blind

invite the calmness of the grey sky

feel the turbulent clouds rushing by

the echo of thunder feels like music

if I could do this

would it soothe, would it calm, would it ease
the electricity that runs through me


august 27 2018


meditate 08 18


how must we be
living underneath the ginkgo tree

does it shade our skin
or venture further therein

sounds of violins

how then do we meditate
when wearing a steel breastplate
our thoughts locked in the crate
waiting for our time of fate
or is it too late
can we ever fully clean the slate
is the task too great

how then will we erase

all the tears gathered in the vase
stained thoughts on paper plate
time to regurgitate
seasoned words of late

layered pages lie in state
sign of fate

august 18 2018