meditate 08 18


how must we be
living underneath the ginkgo tree

does it shade our skin
or venture further therein

sounds of violins

how then do we meditate
when wearing a steel breastplate
our thoughts locked in the crate
waiting for our time of fate
or is it too late
can we ever fully clean the slate
is the task too great

how then will we erase

all the tears gathered in the vase
stained thoughts on paper plate
time to regurgitate
seasoned words of late

layered pages lie in state
sign of fate

august 18 2018

3 thoughts on “Meditate-Contemplate

  1. I am trying to find methods of meditating that works with an overly active mind.
    This might be it, for me anyway. I welcome any thoughts or recommendations that have worked for you.


  2. A beautiful piece, Tamaya, the tears in the vase, all the layered pages. I have no answers, I see myself and accept what I can; nothing is truly erased. When I meditate, I just follow my breaths and notice when they’ve gone by and I missed them, then I come back and notice my breathing again. If my mind is too active, then I add a mantra or counting to the breathing. There are books and books, methods and methods, so yes, you need something that works for you. I also find meditating in a sangha helps, just having other people around pursuing the same goal. Sometimes people ask me about meditation, noticing that I’m not a very calm person. I say, “You don’t know what I was like before I started meditating.” PS great artwork

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    1. very interesting Steve! I remember chanting in a group and that really was energizing. There is that rhythm which is created and for some reason even though the room is full of people chanting it quiets the mind. The words somehow turnig into classical music. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to cello music? who knows. Yesterday I had reiki done on me for the first time. wow. I will try and explain it in a poem ehhe. fasinating. Always good chatting with you.

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