Pull Down The Blinds

Photo on 2018-08-27 at 11.24 AM


what is in this cornfield, that pulls me in

deep green with dusting of gold on each leaf

tops adorned with essence of rose and amber

distant views fill with light green rows 

bobbing on the earth like waves in the ocean

when a breath is caught

it’s past from leaf to leaf 

zigzagging the open field

this cornfield that pulls me

the sky is bright

I stay indoors, hiding from the sun

I raise my shoulder and shy away
feels like kryptonite

the sun does not energize me

it does not fill my heart with joy

instead, it steals from me

or so I imagine

If I could pull the blind

invite the calmness of the grey sky

feel the turbulent clouds rushing by

the echo of thunder feels like music

if I could do this

would it soothe, would it calm, would it ease
the electricity that runs through me


august 27 2018

4 thoughts on “Pull Down The Blinds

  1. Another beautifully atmospheric piece, and I know the feeling. There is a song by Morrissey with lyrics “Every day is like Sunday/Every day is silent and grey.” I found it to be a very pleasant place he was describing, but I later learned that it was a place he hated.


    1. Thank you for your comments Steve, I look forward to them al the time. I actually youtubed Morrissey and listend to the song. Odd isn’t it that we would think the opposite. Just goes to show. I was trying to perfet my sketches so they would be interputed as I intned but I realized that is impossible and the fat is, everyone takes what they need from a poem or drawing or song. In a way that is a wonderful thought because it gives a bigger life to our creations don’t you think?
      Today I am gifting myself time to read all three of your recent poems together. I have been looking forward to this. Yes the cello is playing in the background. 🙂 Lovely day to you Steve

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      1. My pleasure, Tamaya. I’m out of order with the comments, but I just wanted to say, yes, I agree completely, and everyone’s interpretation is a valid one. We all have different eyes and ears and minds, but for a long time I was ashamed of what I liked.

        Because I was and am a nerd (still), my friends ridiculed my taste: childish, unsophisticated and so on. They told me what I “should” like and some of them still do. Probably my life has been a bit different, but now I know my tastes are valid, and I don’t take it personally. Time for a little Dubeau. 🙂

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  2. I like what you said Steve, it takes so much courage to feel comfortable in our skin and then to feel the pressures to conform can often be debilitating. I have often heard the excuse “oh she’s an artist” like that’s a bad thing or a way for others to explain why I saw the world or how I chose to live in it.
    Which is why, on my next and possibly final move I am looking for even more solitude so I can spend the time walking in the cornfield and listen to the wind whispering its secrets to me 🙂 If that’s childish then bring it on.
    I am so glad you are enjoying Dubeau 🙂
    May you have a very childish day my friend.

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