Widowed Without A Manual

Some of us grieve longer then others. I will not be rushed out of my love, that still inhabits my heart.

I Have Not Fallen Out Of Love

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Is there a reason
I only want sleep
to hold you one more day
to see my image
as a shadow in your eyes
with a background of open skies
no lie no lie
to stand and feel
your hands on my hips
as I taste your lips

I don’t know if I can carry this lie
mask of smiles and hope till I die
our hearts connected with viens
lying in the south of spain

I am sending you my heart
to hold while we are apart
for I have not fallen out of love
I am the mourning dove

dove love dove love



Author: ilovecloudstoo

I live in Canada though​ I was not born here. Newfoundland is where my heart breathes. Primarily I am a visual artist, welded and or cast bronze sculptures. Sylvia Plath may have been the seed planted in me that is creating poetry. Since then I have read so many great modern poets work. Art is my sustaining business poetry sustains my soul.

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