Crowds do not give security

Well I have just scooted back from five hours with family. Not eating meat meant that I ate a lot of cheese and vegetables. I did drink a good amount of wine and dabbled in other liquors. But there comes a time when you just have to leave and go back to your own nest. Not one person mentioned my husbands name all day long. I tried to introduce the topic with raising my glass to others that had passed away. There were no takers. Its like he never was, How can someone disappear from so many peoples minds? this is a time that I need to have my family bring him back into conversation, to laugh at things he did anything for god’s sake! This person was such a big part of me, and to have him be so ignored makes me wonder how I rate in this family as well.

When I announced I would leave it was said have a nap, so sit and watch t.v. anything but leave. Why? Why should I stay just to be there physically? Speak to me. Then maybe I will stay. I came home and i am better for it.


anyone else?

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