“Let’s​ All Get Crazy”



Lately, I am becoming aware of mini-universes that we all cohabit with.

I, therefore, bring to you the world of the washing machines.

Yes, you may look upon these boxes of metal parts sitting in some obscure room in your home only as things of convenience, when in fact that might be the furthest thing from the truth.

 Years back when I threw my clothes in the washer and walked away, I walked away from witnessing some interesting things.

Like the sounds that clothing makes when shushing about with gallons of water.
How different clothes makes different sounds.

Oh, I know you think I may well have lost it
but I ask you
when did you last sit and listen to the machines?


Laundry time has become an exercise in the development of the creative mind, and a release of conforming allowing the outrageously kookie to be explored.

First of all the uncomfortable chairs which had to have been installed so you can’t get comfortable.
There will be no falling asleep in these towers of pain.

I have my book, of which could or could not grab my interest.

It’s obvious they often don’t compare to the sounds of the machines and how this activates my mind.

I have come to the notion that machines do have personalities and they do relate to each other and have fun.

This is demonstrated in my drawings today.

Their names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

sometimes we just need to give our heads a shake and see what comes up, or down.



4 thoughts on ““Let’s​ All Get Crazy”

  1. I’m afraid I may already be crazy enough. 😃 I’m also fascinated with machines. Sometimes (I should not admit this) if there are several: refrigerators, fans, computers and so on, I hear a distant ethereal music playing within the sound. So let them dance I say.

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    1. That is funny 🙂 I am also comforted by the fact I am not alone in hearing the music. It’s snowing here today and I am keeping a friend company on the farm so there may be some poems of chickens coming soon.
      Have a lovely day

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