Early Morn


I rose from the warmth of my bed

to the early morning rain

seeing the mood change across the open fields

the sky a soothing grey

rain, soft and warm

feeling it dampen my head

then soaking my shoulders

I did not run for cover

for I felt I was witnessing a miracle 

standing with my face to the sky

my arms extended

welcoming every drop

greeting them as if I had never seen them before

in life we can get trapped

caught in barbed-wire rope
venomous of global news

if allowed, it will kill us all

I say, look to your sky

your fields, your waters

this planet that continues to try and forgive us

that is the only creator I can get behind

the holy trinity,

earth, water, air

for without that trinity

we have nothing


There is a Saltbox House Waiting for Me







There is a saltbox house waiting for me in Newfoundland. This will be my first trip alone. My first trip without B. This time it will be me sketching and painting. Will I remember things differently? Will I take things in differently?
To have all questions directed at me will and has been different. Before I would chose which I felt like commenting on, now I must reply to all.

I really do have a burning desire to create something. The shortness of two weeks to go builds excitement in me.
The decision to bring canvases or not is now an un-issue. I will bring canvas cloth then purchase 1/8″ plywood and paint if I feel the need to go bigger. I will not restrict myself when I get out there.

This week I was casting and finishing some castings for my series. It was this spring and last fall that I cast these but it has been taking me a while to finish them. I think that with every sculpture I polish the memories come alive. The fill me and often they absorb me. As the months tick on by I feel better able to not let them exhaust me so much.