8 years…76 days

Photo on 2017-05-06 at 11.53 AM

Its been 8 years and 76 days
since I consisted myself living here
there is a person in me
a busy one nagging at me to get things done
she is counting sheets of drywall needed
should she buy a wooden screen door
should she get a larger fridge
open the studio
clear the welding bench
order the tanks
sort out the metal

Its only my first day back
I say to ‘self’

Another part has her fingers on these typewriter keys
recording these precious first days back
reaffirming that she has made the right choice

Its only my first day back
I say to ‘self’

I want to absorb this immense light surrounding me
watching robins with their garnet bellies
looking for the perfect branch to nest and raise their young

I feel hypnotized by the moving water
the styrofoam iceberg Bruce carved and placed in the reflecting pool
marble offcuts fill the pie shape by the pool
trees that we planted so long ago
now tower over my home

Its been 8 years and 89 days
Its my first day back
I say to myself.