if only, it would rain

so I may lie next to a piece of tin 

and hear each drop speak words that soothe

feel the water float into my skin

waves crashing in my ears

cooling the fire in my eyes

if only, I was a pebble

moving with the breath of the ocean


my grey skin being polished by its touch

if only


sad reality

to wake and feel disoriented

like being woken harshly from a sleep

the eyes open, but the mind searches

body feeling heavy and unsure

happiness feels gone from movement and heart

only moments of relief exist

thundering sky calms this drop of water

hearing and watching the ocean breath

slows the blood rushing through my veins

pulling me to a former life, time, existence 

what is memory

surely not just the recital of words that rhyme

tasks learned and repeated

faces with names embedded

routes and things we have been told

what then of memory

a memory of creation, single cells

memories of times erased through evolution

are they the free radicals that drive us 

to write dots on waves to sing 

to simplify words and never let go of that thing we feel

to paint for oneself  so we can remember

to sit by great bodies of water, and feel love

to embrace the blessings of the clouds, and dance in its tears

to accept the idea that we did not always have skin

we may not have always breathed air or walked upright

we may have journeyed in the sky beyond our milky way 

what I do know and feel is that we possess a complex mind and heart

so if I feel kin to the waves that crash upon the rocks

who is anyone to tell me I am wrong

april 2 2018

© tamaya

A Small Thing To Be Reminded Of “LISTEN’

september 29 2015

My naked heels rub against the leather chair
creating sounds of fire cracker sparks
Treble note created by my fork hitting the ceramic plate
ears fill with the sound of my mouth filling with coffee
then, as if a trap door suddenly opens
I can hear and see in my minds eye a wave traveling down my throat
as I swallow
the trap door closes triggering my ears to muffle the sound
If I listen
I can hear my clothing move against my skin
can you?

Sitting quietly I can hear my heart beating
I can feel its sound wave travel in my body
stopping only when it contacts an organ
If I close my eyes
I can see my heart in my chest
beating beating beating
With the slightest move
I hear tiny bones clicking in my ankle

Photo on 2014-01-15 at 10.40
With a deep breath
I hear the exhale…..
carrying the beat of my heart with it
like water running down the steps
Close your eyes
rest your head back
now breath…..

the universe that is you and only you
We are each wonderful miracles of the universe
appreciate it
contribute thoughts
contribute sounds
contribute words
contribute images
from inside and outside of you mind
Leave anger; resentment; discontent; jealousy and prejudice at the door
for there is no room of these in my life
My door is open
I hear the wind chatting with the trees
birds with their wings extended are flying on the breeze
like a magic carpet giggling
my eyes have rested
have yours?