Last Night I Touched the Sky

Nature called
I stepped outside
what I saw shocked me
like a pretzel I leaned back
lungs expand as they touch the sky
half the world was at my fingertips
white dots that slow came into focus
last night I touched the sky

So my first night back was similar to a sleepover at a friends house. I was giggly with excitement . Turning the power on in the studio opened a world that is now embedded in my DNA. I was like a child in a candy store touching this and that, blowing dust of tools looking in bags of quick retreats. I found a bronze spoon that I had cast from a carved one that B had carved from our cherry tree. It was still there with a perfect round smooth rock resting in the cup. I thought that it should simulate balance so I drilled a hole just deep enough to rest on the rod of stainless that was fixed to a stainless base. Before you know it I had created a new piece from sections of old.

The reflecting pool was my next stop, lying on the cool grass I watched with such joy all the tadpoles swimming about. Taking so many photos trying to imprint feelings onto digital.

Sitting on top of the world I watched the sun fall to sleep as the nights coolness covered me like a blanket. Lying in bed with windows and doors closed I could still hear the crickets and frogs singing themselves to sleep. All of my senses were  magnified. Thus the not sleeping till the early hours.
This morning I received an email that a friend of mine is approaching her final days. I will put everything on hold and go to give her a proper send off. For this is what should be done for people that have lived and survived.

I did not sleep till I could hear the morning crickets call.