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If I stand on the point of a needle
the wind will not be altered
raindrop will not glide down its surface
no shadow will be cast
if I stand on the point of a needle

will I be able to tick off each day
will I be in a meditative state
will I still see the sun rise and set
if I stand on the point of a needle

will I need
or will I just be
listening to the bass cello
drifting over me

will I be music
will I be colour
or change the sky
to something duller

if I stand on the point of a needle
will I be able to see
all that surrounds me

june 4 2018

Chickens and Violins

Photo on 2018-04-17 at 11.18 AM #2

little white rooster
stands so proud

throws back his head
and howls real loud

violins play
as feathered bodies
begin to sway

one by one
they all huddle around

not a single beak
producing a frown

no wings flap
no horizontal spread

no bobbing
of  little heads

calm and adoration
the chicks are showing
for this creation

filling the corner
of the coop

standing quiet
no one stoops

eyes and ears
all opened wide

feathered chickens
filled with pride

music adoration
has begun

for these chickens
are having fun

violins and cello base
seems to touch
their inner grace

Photo on 2018-04-17 at 11.26 AM 2

Today’s experiment was to sit in the coop with the chickens and discovering what would come of it, in terms of writing. It’s common for me to have the cd of Angele Dubeau – La Pieta playing on my laptop.
I walked in with my little stool and sat watching them hassle about trying to figure out why I was just sitting since the eggs had already been collected and they were already fed. The smallest is a white guy is a rooster and he started to do his stuff showing me who was really the king of the coop. I decided to video him and his voice and then take photos.
When I flipped my computer open the music started. Within minutes no one made a sound. More came in the coop and they all gathered in the corner with eyes open and heads tall, ears aimed in my direction. They were listening to the music!!! I photographed them countless times and they did not move. Some of their heads began to lower and I realized that they were so relaxed that they were falling asleep. I could not believe it.

I then decided to put on Glen Gould playing some Bach and they slowly started to wake up and start cleaning their feathers. This was fascinating and could be the start of something. Possibly sitting in more chicken coops hehehe. Who knows.

This is what happens when you have storms hitting the countryside.