In The Night…

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You know it,
that feeling when you roll over in the dead of night
I know you know it,
when you keep your eyes closed
when it feels as if you have a weight on your head
when your mind starts having a conversation with itself
keep your eyes closed
or you will break that sleep connection
so, you lie there pretending to yourself
I’m still asleep, I’m still asleep
if you don’t say the words
you will remain in slumberland
don’t look at the clock for that will make it official
there is a tug of war being played
two figures with a rope in your head
one is smooth and white
the other muddy with cracked skin like a dried river bed
each holding onto the rope
tugging it back and forth
not a one winning or grabbing a tighter grip
your eyes have had enough they open
sleep is now officially over
the membrane has been broken
you swing your legs out from under the warmth of the duvet
pulling yourself up you make your way in the dark
a packet of strawberry and apple tea
what a combination, you think
who decides that combination?
water fills the porcelain white cup
into the microwave it goes
you listen to the engine roar and wonder how the water boils
watching the timer you quickly open the door to stop that horrid beeping
could we not have Beethoven’s 5th instead?
two minutes to wait
you decide to roll strange velcro type curlers into your hair
why would you not, doesn’t everyone?
it becomes obvious that midnight logic is different than daytime
the tea bag is lowered into the hot water
you begin to make your way across the room
passing two lamps, but you decide to do it in the dark
till you walk on the birch tree bark you left on the floor
fumbling you reach for the table lamp
a glass of water is knocked over
you hear it thump onto the floor
how did it not break?
still in the dark
it becomes apparent that functioning in the night is futile
sipping the second cup of strawberries

november 9 2017
‘in the night’

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