Who Would Have Thought,,,


Who would have thought,,,
that floating in a pool of contained water
might have one feel like a dead leaf 
fallen from a tired old tree

Who would have thought,,,
that skin would seem to leave one’s body
like moon dust from the nights’ sky

Who would have thought,,,,
that memories would play
like a movie reel on the ceiling
leaving you lost, dizzy, wishing to be elsewhere

Who would have thought,,,,
that the movement of water beneath our body
could transport us to another time

Who would have thought,,,
that leaving one’s physical body could be so easy
water holding us like millions of hands
feeling so secure in the weightlessness
closing one’s eyes
first gently, then as the music builds we clench them tighter
for we want to stay in that zone
we want to be raptured with its intensity
we want to stay in that memory
holding our breath
our tears mix with the salty water
screaming with no voice
why must hearts be ripped apart
what purpose would the universe have for separating us
there can be no gain
nothing that totals to better things
who, yes who, indeed

Who would have thought,,,
that our lives were just words on a page
descriptive thoughts, a fantasy created in someone’s mind
to write a tale of love
a love so full of fantasy
surly, could never be real
could it?

Who would have thought,,,
that, the meeting was chance
that, reading a name in a booklet
could strike a note that would vibrate through one’s mind and body
retracing every inch of our memory roads
thoughts create a ripple effect
soon our entire being is racing and raising our temperature
sweat streaming from our pores like rivers from a mountain
our breathing plays like distant drums
we can hear nothing but the piano keys being hit
the vibrations of the base cello hitting my chest
my ears overflowing with deafening sounds of love
two hearts fighting to break free through layers of muscle and skin
exhausted they lie tightly together almost accepting defeat

Who would have thought,,,
that a single cell would die for them
creating the smallest of opening
an opening, where both hearts would escape
holding each other so tightly they merge as one
never to be separated again

Who would have thought,,,
fantasy or memory


january 26 2018