What is there to say
that has not been said so many times
till our mind goes numb
knowing something will happen does nothing to ease our sorrow

First, your body feels relief from months of tension
then you wander about looking for something lost or misplaced
it’s not a button or a book or keys
it’s something so much more
your husband no longer needs your care, your time, your love
you will be told time and time again
we all knew it was coming and he is in a better place

but what of your place?
even if you have enjoyed total freedom with your love
you will still look for the other half
parts of you feel open and raw
only time and the sea breeze will heal your wounds 

many may want to rush you
wanting to see a smile on your face
a new step in your walk
people are afraid of grief
afraid to touch it or be near it
sorrow is a stage of love
true, we do not want to live forever
with our feet in the wet sand
but only you can say when its time
to shake off the grains of sand from beneath your feet
to cleanse them in the ocean
to feel refreshed enough to live on
for you my dear friend


A feather falls from the sky

no one ever wonders why

two hands reaching

touches a blue flake of light

floating but never falling

music created by a breath

pure sound 

not manipulated 

not contorted 

essence of a soul

one that was needed

one that was rewarded

two hands open in the sky

giving comfort to one that’s died

blue flakes floating high

till they disperse into the sky

no one truly knows why

till its time for us to fly

someone else will reach for us

when our feather falls from the sky

flakes of blue falling

will tell us why

Life is but a feather falling from the sky


april 9 2018 ©

I find its good to hear music while I write.
I often find it easier to write in poem form for difficult times.