Hard to Get Going

Photo on 2016-06-02 at 3.42 PM

Today I am going to another funeral. I can’t remember if I posted about her. K will have a great send off for she arranged it herself. There will be people in full uniforms, reds and blues. My friend will go out in a style that she deserves.

I have been sitting here looking out my windows, slouched in my chair drinking coffee for about two hours now. I think I’m stalling, what do you think?

Photo on 2016-06-02 at 3.42 PM #2

I still haven’t unpacked my van!! There is a pile of books at the bottom of the stairs that I chucked there yesterday. This is my method of decluttering. I swear don’t let me buy another book!! Ops. forgot I ordered one yesterday. I think its called ???? what is it called?

 Fragments Notes and Poetry by Marilyn Monroe. I did not know she wrote poetry so I clicked and for basically 16. Canadian dollars half of which is shipping I will get my book. Last one I almost promise.

So so I quickly unload sculptures and stuff out of my van??  Yes I should.  I wonder if I posted that long poem I wrote?  You can see I’m all over the place.
think of me today everyone.

These photos are some things I did yesterday to avoid dealing with today I suppose. I also made two short videos but I need to upgrade my blog status to attach so I will not do that.


Photo on 2016-06-02 at 3.42 PM #3