what is reality
is it a circle
does it have a razor’s edge
do we live in one dimension
are there doorways in constant loop
changing angles, colours, temperatures



are we bits of memories
floating through space
unaware of our true physical selves
if in fact, we are


perhaps we are merely code
being created every second
an anomaly that exists like dust
floating about with every exhale
we are so impressed with ourselves
yet we did not create this planet or universe
we may very well be a mistake
what will one day rectify itself

this poses more questions
of which I am cautious in reflection
perhaps science is just a method
to understand the mechanics
leaving the wheel of life
to its mystery


december 4 2018

7 thoughts on “Questions

      1. Gorgeous imaginative thoughts and drawings, Tamaya. I thought I had better offer the nerd perspective, Vanessa. 🤓 These are truly things to wonder about. I’d say that where science ends is where imaginings, by definition, cannot influence anything around us in any way at all.

        That being said, I cannot say how far science could take us (if we weren’t busy destroying the world), and I would like to believe that there is a myriad of wondrous secrets left to be discovered.

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