First Snow

Sitting here
the room full of white light
reflection of the morning snow
Sitting here
my fingers concentrating
mini stitches on my quilt
Sitting here
no real desire to step outside my room
watching artist documentaries on youtube
Sitting here
no ambition
no thoughts of future
no aspirations
still, I feel warm, content,
mindful and awe-inspiring of such greats
Andrew Wyeth
Hammershoi of which I have never heard but now love
Sitting here
my finger on ‘enter’
within seconds I am engulfed in lives
Mary and Christoper Pratt
I think of their brilliance
I think ‘what is the point?’
Sitting here
knowing we are not to compare
but truly what is the point
Sitting here
I am relieved that the microwave has beeped
I can now leave
comfort myself with lemon tea
another documentary
perhaps to find purpose
‘The scene continues with a dialogue  between artist and microwave’
Yes! I am coming! I am coming!
microwaves will rule us yet.
This has been silly side effects of the first snow day.

5 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I find there is so much I can relate to in this piece, Tamaya. Yes, there is nothing wrong with talking to the microwave, and I feel small and disheartened when comparing with the greats. I also tell myself these are ridiculous and pointless thoughts, yet they keep arising, perhaps a little less than they used to.

    And for me, being some kind of couch potato is always accompanied by guilt, the thought that I must not, that I must get back to work. On something. PS: love the drawings.

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    1. ahahahhaah Steve, thank you for bringing some sense in my world hahaah. Perhaps its the creativity gnome in us that keeps comparing us to the greats as a means of keeping us honest? Although,,, as I sit here freefalling with my first cup of coffee I am thinking that it might be a good thing.
      If you think of a runner in a race, they often check their shoulder to see where the other runner is. maybe our competitors are in fact in the microwave heheh
      We have all been blasted with the first winter storm and survived, whew. The panic has subsided My car Aveline has new winter boots and her belly has been oiled, all is good 🙂 Have a goofy day and please say hi to your coffee pot.
      p.s. Thank you for your compliments of my art 🙂

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      1. My pleasure, Tamaya. Yes, I agree, a sense of competition and striving isn’t entirely a bad thing. I guess as long as it isn’t the only thing.

        I’m glad Aveline is happy. Here in Opposite Land we were blasted with a dust storm. 😸


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