what and why do we?

is there something for to see

i feel no memory vibrating in me

nothing left by the queen bee

while she was in a mating spree

even if so briefly


a miracle as such

should surly insomuch

gift us initial touch

hidden in our memory hutch


if our minds truly are 

the greatest computer created

should I not then be able to retrieve

all the memories that created me?

to feel the warmth

to feel no anger no fear, no resentment 

to feel the miracle happening

temperatures rise and fall

the walls move in and out

then there it is

the one seed that is meant only for me

other cells peacefully disburse

leaving the dance floor open for the transformation

only what was meant to be will be created

one becomes two becomes four becomes eight

till a dotted spine appears

two large eyes, webbed fingers, little toes

floating softly, hearing, sensing

we do not retrieve this memory as our birthday gift
that moment when turbulence forces us out

perhaps that is why I am so drawn to the ocean
could that be where our memories are stored?

why it pulls at my umbilical cord 

why the sound of its movement calms me

could that be my memory 

my birth day?

listening to Dan Evenson’s Sound Healing.

4 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Happy birthday? A beautiful questioning piece, Tamaya. So much buried beneath our conscious mind, perhaps it appears in dreams, in visions, in actions, coming from the sea when we are not consciously seeking it. If the mind is like a computer, I’m afraid it has no keyboard or mouse. 😸


    1. Thank you Steve! yes it was on the 21st.I actually wrote this in the ever weee hours of the morning the day before. I get into these contemplative or introspective zones where questioning all things rises to the surface like cream from a pot of boiling milk heheheh. I appreciate you comment on this, thanks It is also giving me more to think on. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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