Minute Moments

the sky is too big to see
it plays tricks on us
we forget how small we really are
the sky gets angry
we need to cut it into small bits
so we may swallow it
without chocking
we forget how lucky we are
IMG_0054 (1)
We should all take a moment each day

images ยฉ tamaya

10 thoughts on “Minute Moments

  1. This series of photos started one day a month ago, sitting on my roof looking at the sky through a mirror. I did this because I was getting a sore neck looking up. I soon discovered how intense and spectacular the moving clouds looked as, a reflection in my mirror. Surrounding the mirror with black I intensified it even more. This has now led me to a new series of photos and paintings.
    I think my winter is filling up before it even gets here.
    I hope you all enjoy this little moment.

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  2. Great poetry, and you really have created powerful images of the sky that way, Tamaya. The interaction with the silhouette heightens it. Taking a moment to appreciate life, be grateful that we have the sky at all, is very good advice.

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    1. thank you Steve!
      It is very interesting how it intensifies the shy, isn’t it? The first image where I happen to capture my own image surprised me, it was just a sliver but I was pulled in by it so I then started to include it in my concentration. I am enjoying the experimenting and of course ones mind seems to run on high octane when that happens heheh. I am sure you know about this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I will Steve ๐Ÿ™‚ . Took an odd turn yesterday, I had watched a film and in it was mentioned how everything we write is on our computers and what if everything goes kuput. So I am printing off all my poems from 2013 onward. Yesterday was the dear diary ones. wow 129 pages, 141 poems. What a stack!
    very interesting going back to read.

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