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what more does the planet have to do?
she has given us
food, water, beauty, friendship

we have taken and killed without remorse

we have created poison and mindlessly spread it

we have become jealous and territorial 

we take what does not belong and say it’s for the good of all

we have created a class based on the colour of our skin

we have given more importance to possessions then life

we are building walls to guard our insecurities 

we allow money to run our planet instead of our hearts

earth was not created by humans

she /he/it is more powerful then we can comprehend 

how much more will she take

before she rises her waters once more

before she holds the sky  in her fist once more

before she claps her hands and deafens us with her thunder once more

earth will survive without us

if and when we destroy everything she has given us

she will survive

her seeds will grow and break the asphalt

they will cover and heal the planet once more

the oceans will rest till the rains come

from the moisture of the forest and heal the coral reefs once more

humans are not needed for the planet to thrive

somewhere in the universe

there are answers


4 thoughts on “Tornado

    1. Thank you Steve!
      This was inspired by three tornados that hit last friday. Many of my family in the city were without power for four days. They were the lucky ones. Houses were ripped off their foundation! Scatterings of 2×4’s looked like matchsticks. In all of my years, we have never had anything like this in the Ottawa areas. You convince me that our planet is desperate and getting so very ill. Science fiction feels more real to me every day. Would it not be great to have a scientist or artist run for politics even just for a bit of time? Just asking here hehehe.

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      1. Wow, sorry to hear about that. Yes, I’m certainly not optimistic. Unfortunately, at least here in Australia, people want to hear good news, to go on believing that things won’t change at all or that there are ready solutions. To be honest, I think there are a lot of lies and half-truths told by every side. No-one wants the truth, and no-one who tells it will ever be elected. Apologies Tamaya, that’s me getting angry.

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