happy anniversary?

IMG_9934 (1)

there are mirrors everywhere

reflecting  images of you

lingering memories

time suspended above our heads

following us like a cloud or bubble

why do they linger

unfinished conversations

misunderstood moments

do they just linger

wanting,,, more of what was

time taken too quickly

I may have begun a transformation

my hands may have changed

nails, long and curved like a birds claws

the keen awareness of a crows eye

may now be my eyes

my hooked nose transformed into a beak 

flying in the night when the moon is bright 

looking for drifting moments of time

gathering our words that float loosely in the sky

many believe that cutting the wires that hold us

will relieve the tension and we will be freed 

freed to what conclusion I ask

free to look aimlessly into the sky

wondering what or why

we are told to love purely

we are told to honour our grief when the time comes

then we are told to leave it behind

to start a new

this might be the part

too difficult for me to do

my heart grows tired

covered with morning dew

let me sleep by the waves

so I may hear the music

of departed hearts 

bring me back to the waters 

so I may float in peace

IMG_9933 (1)

11 thoughts on “happy anniversary?

    1. Glad to be of service, Vanessa. 🙂 I love Tamaya’s work and would like to see it enjoyed by others. The ideas here, their flow, the feathery metamorphosis, the dewy music, all the magical things Tamaya ponders and transforms into words and images, human contradictions and imperfections, it is a rich treat.

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      1. wow, I am so honoured by your descriptions of my work Steve! I had to read my poem again. For I write I post and move on. At times I think I do this too quickly but I have a feeling that for me, when I edit too much I end up losing its conception. So when someone of your talent sees and gets what I am attempting to express, to put into connected words the joy or the sheer pain that runs in our veins or the desperate feelings of watching our planet get so abused, you have gifted me emotional support. I truly thank you.
        If I ever get published I would love to use your accolade 🙂

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      2. Sorry for the comment timewarp, Tamaya. You are very welcome, and feel free to do what you will with my comment. What I write is how I read your words that come from the heart.

        I agree, I find that sometimes logic is a kind of illusion, a trick that can actually hide what is being communicated, and so one must be careful about editing. And thank you for your kind words.

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