my Love Affair with


once, I read from cover to cover

waiting for things to discover

of  late this is not the state

for  my mind needs an update

once, the pages were the main meal

something real, exploring diel

was that the appeal or learning to be genteel

when one is young there is no need to conceal 

the love of teal or reason to kneel

once, is now past for everything feels fast

quick plays from a cast performed to the mass

eyes feel glassed, purpose surpassed

thrown last from the blast

feeling die-cast or miscast

now, my pages are tasty treats

of pickled beets and other eats

to feast upon the sheets

or walking down the streets

there are no cheats with smiles from meets

would be no completes without our cleats and pleats

for we are not athletes or numbers on spreadsheets

we are not deadbeats that work on Bradstreet

for we own our heartbeats and parakeets

now, I cover myself with book and page

discovering many a stage without wage

for I adore my age and the smelling of sage

july 11 2018

3 thoughts on “my Love Affair with

  1. Very clever, Tamaya, and mischief maybe, but true mischief. It’s good that we are not entries in those spreadsheets and that our hearts are our own, whatever pain they might cause us. Well done. 🌟 PS: fabulous artwork


  2. ahahaha Thanks Steve, I was feeling mischievous ahah mostly with the title. I marvelled at the treasure trunk of word possibilities with the rhyming site. My heavens what joy!! It felt like resighting ‘peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ It actually made me laugh out loud as I sat in the early dawn alone in my house. pure joy and fun.
    Thanks also on the drawing. I have been doing this thing with some friends which is to draw at least one drawing a day of how we feel or what we are doing, anything just to communicate and improve our drawings. i have actually acquired quite a lovely collection of me in my surroundings, even some when I farm sit.
    lovely day to you.
    I really appreciate your comments 🙂


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