State Of Mine




4:05 the room feels awake
restless after a week of excessive heat

restless from concentrating on the positive 

natural hot yoga

movies in front of a fan

birds at 4:45am

singing their songs

parade of dark clouds 

feeling the tailwinds as they pass

clouds moving east and south

each taking different routes

hummingbird flying into the wind

surrounded by trees

the sky is open, the sky is free

wind chimes play their songs

soft pink line sits on a dark violet horizon

crows chatting in the forest

I miss the ocean, the sound of the waves

yet I am thankful for the shelter I am able to provide

for trees, tall grass and milkweeds

by letting nature be we can witness
a walnut seed grow into a tree

or listen to frogs singing an opera

it’s fine wishing for different things
if we still acknowledge the moments of beauty

the same sun rises everywhere

beauty is how we view and relate to our life

5:48 coffee tastes better when greeting the dawn


2 thoughts on “State Of Mine

  1. So true Steve! I remember that as the youngest of eight I would often be told to just sit and not move. We had immigrated from Yugoslavia to Canada and were field workers, so sitting under the big shade tree for hours on end never daring to disobey my mom I developed the ability to focus on everything I looked at for a very long time. I believe that is where I got the best art training in observation and the love of abstract art. That is why I see so much in your work Steve.
    I could write all day now but I do have castings to polish in the studio. Looking forward to your next poem Steve!


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