Runaway Thoughts



Everywhere I look 

the day tries to get my attention

a bright square of morning light

a silhouette of cup and vase 

bounces off the kitchen cupboard

a streak of light

lines a chair and corners the table

highlighting the contents of a cut crystal vase

light glowing from every window

screaming to get in

to wake me from my sleep

a beam of light throws itself

across the floor with intent

abrupt then fades in attitude

the kitchen, beautiful with life

walls and ceiling surfaced with patinated wood

nothing buckled or splintered from age

if we could only access its memory

turn the tape back with our fingers

and play the days again

topics of conversation would consist of

inches of rain or evening frost

schedule for seeding and field rotation

everyone having a job to fulfill 

feeding chickens, milking the cows

or delighting in the birth of a new calf

politics would not be a circus act

perhaps the walls are speaking

giving their opinions 

technology has taken the lead 

no one can say its totally wrong

perhaps just perhaps, we have grown blinders

tunnel vision for progress

such a rush to inhabit other worlds

while we disregard and disrespect 

the world we have been given

the imperious attitude travels much quicker

monstrous companies rape the earth

then stand on pedestals 

dropping pennies to the poor with one hand

while they rub their fat bellies with the other 


this house of which I am so privileged to sit 

built long ago, of and for a family

it stands tall, straight and proud

built as a home for generations past and future

kitchen of seven doors and two windows
if only they could speak

these walls hold thoughts and time

they grew alive and still they breath


two roosters calling 

their voices can be heard through the walls

wanting the gates to be opened

grains and water to be served

joy rushes through my veins

for their call will make me walk

out across the yard and witness

another sky saying good morning to the sun

and goodnight to the fading moon

june 9 2018


3 thoughts on “Runaway Thoughts

  1. This is glorious, Tamaya, the world around you and wonderfully illustrated, even the monstrous inequities. I have had that feeling (apart from the unfairness of humankind), that everything is as it should be, in rare glimpses, only when I stayed in Japan, and early on cold mornings, seen everyday life. You have blended the light and dark together beautifully.

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    1. Steve, Your affirmation is always welcomed and greatly appreciated! I have just returned from my two-week farm sitting time. Early summer is so different than winter. Welcomed time, trying to identify a young plant amongst young weeds. Both young and beautiful and yet one gets pulled from its roots and thrown over the fence for the chickens, while the other remains rather alone in a strange way. I know farmers don’t have the luxury that I have to look at young leaves and daydream.
      Again you clarify my feelings and thoughts, everything is as it should be.
      I am in a searching and questioning mode. Yes, I see and feel the dark and light in me constantly. Is that just the artist? To feel that one’s skin is transparent to the world can be enlightening and frightening. I am gifted with friends that understand and accept that I feel and look at things differently. I do appreciate your friendship.

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      1. My pleasure, and I also appreciate your friendship, Tamaya. I think that anyone who looks inside, is not entirely narcissistic and is able to face their own reality will see that they, like everyone else, have not achieved perfection. However, I think that your transparency/connection to the world that is around you, is a rare gift.

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