what makes us live as if transfixed

frozen from the insides

breathing slowly

sitting,,, still,,,

no one thinking of you

where you are

what you are doing

you manifest into a white light 

what makes us unable to function

frozen within our steps

breathing blackness

sitting,,, listening,,, waiting

no one speaking of 

where you have not been

what you will do

you hide within the walls

of the shadow

every breath you take

thins the atmosphere 

shrinks in dimensions

who is this alien 

absorbing all the oxygen

squeezing out all of life 

we have come to know





3 thoughts on “Transfixed

    1. You might have experienced at some point. Is it the intensity of a poem desperate to be released? Sometimes I wonder if we are just the medium in which poems speak.
      Thank goodness for poets, and writers, and artist! Scientists, free thinkers.
      Thank you Steve 🙂

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      1. Yes, I have, particularly when I started writing. I think we have many layers, we are complicated and we don’t appreciate what’s within us that wants to come out. With my early writing I didn’t understand until much later what I was trying to tell myself.

        Another writer once told me about tulpas: independent entities in the mind, with a basis in meditative visions. Although she believed they were real, I have my doubts, but again I do think that it might be the mind revealing its secrets.

        My pleasure as always, Tamaya.

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