Asleep,,, ​Or Awake


AT some point

I slipped out of bed

I can still see where my body laid

soft pillows of down 

each holding an imprint of my head

different moments of time

the duvet has adopted a body shape

am I still… 

lying in my bed

or ….am I dreaming

dreaming of being awake

IF we could see time

would our world be full of remanence of where we were




may 3 2018

3 thoughts on “Asleep,,, ​Or Awake

  1. Enjoyable wanderings and wonderings. For me, we leave our imprints in the world, and the world leaves its imprints on us, makes us who we are, and maybe there is a middle way: neither living in the past nor ignoring it.


    1. I believe you are right. You open an interesting thought Steve, how certain things are drawn to us like a magnet or how a person’s energy can be held. I remember one day in the studio, about five years after my husband passed away, I came across his leather work gloves and when I put one I could still feel the energy of time trapped. It was like watching a video at fast speed, reliving pockets of time. It’s hard to explain. Thank you for your comments, they always inspire new thoughts.

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