if only, it would rain

so I may lie next to a piece of tin 

and hear each drop speak words that soothe

feel the water float into my skin

waves crashing in my ears

cooling the fire in my eyes

if only, I was a pebble

moving with the breath of the ocean


my grey skin being polished by its touch

if only


sad reality

to wake and feel disoriented

like being woken harshly from a sleep

the eyes open, but the mind searches

body feeling heavy and unsure

happiness feels gone from movement and heart

only moments of relief exist

thundering sky calms this drop of water

hearing and watching the ocean breath

slows the blood rushing through my veins

pulling me to a former life, time, existence 

what is memory

surely not just the recital of words that rhyme

tasks learned and repeated

faces with names embedded

routes and things we have been told

what then of memory

a memory of creation, single cells

memories of times erased through evolution

are they the free radicals that drive us 

to write dots on waves to sing 

to simplify words and never let go of that thing we feel

to paint for oneself  so we can remember

to sit by great bodies of water, and feel love

to embrace the blessings of the clouds, and dance in its tears

to accept the idea that we did not always have skin

we may not have always breathed air or walked upright

we may have journeyed in the sky beyond our milky way 

what I do know and feel is that we possess a complex mind and heart

so if I feel kin to the waves that crash upon the rocks

who is anyone to tell me I am wrong

april 2 2018

© tamaya

3 thoughts on “Kin

  1. What a beautiful piece, Tamaya, so expensive and inspiring, through time and space. So many memorable images, writing dots on waves, dancing in tears, the blood and the great body of water and on and all connected. PS: the cellular artwork is fascinating.

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    1. Thank you Steve! Truthfully after I read you’re the lovely note I had to go back and read my poem again ahahah. Wow I normally feel, then write, and often don’t go back. You made me go back. Thank you for that as well. Your encouragement makes a big difference. Respecting your talent as I do.
      Where would we be without others reading our deepest thoughts or our whimsy of fantasy and exploration? We all have such an interesting group of poets that we follow and that follow us. I have been away from the internet for a couple of days, Always a good thing to do.
      I wonder If doctors write poetry?

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      1. My pleasure, Tamaya, and you’re absolutely right. It’s valuable and worthwhile in so many ways to have the multiple reflections and refractions we get discussing our works on the internet. And it’s good to break the addiction for a while. 😃

        I am sure that some doctors write poetry, although I can only think of one off-hand.

        PS: I just read my comment again as well, and noticed I made a typo: it says “expensive” when it should have said “expansive.” So, you know, I wasn’t saying your poetry is expensive. 😄

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