My Morning Head


After a night of open eyes
a galaxy spinning in my head
I wake with body parts feeling torn
lying flat on my back with eyes closed and think

is it weak
that part of our body that bends
is it the source
of emotional distribution
is it our circuit breaker
designed to protect and restrict
the openness of our mouths
reflecting before too much damage is done
is it hinged
so we may change our mind

my neck,
like a tree branch
broken under too much pressure
still attached at the throat
enabling speech and nutrition to flow
soon the rain will come
the splinters will soften
auxins will flow through cambium layers
a crown of leaves will grow
a bird will build its nest
and new life will emerge


all of this before my feet land on my matt
the creative mind is both a blessing and a curse

3 thoughts on “My Morning Head

  1. What gorgeous thoughts and artworks, Tamaya. 💙 This way we see our bodies reminded me of times in the past when I became a thin layer of bones on the bed, insubstantial, meaningless and temporary, and not with the joyous hope you have eloquently expressed. Thank you for that.

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    1. Steven, I always look forward to your remarks, for they both encourage and gift me new images with your beautifully laid words.
      ” A thin layer of bones on the bed’
      “insubstantial” “meaningless” “temporary”
      My heavens the images flood my mind and you leave me wanting.
      I have a bit of the early winter flu bug so my next poem may consist of Dali ish imagery hehehe> Always and again I thank you Steve. 🙂

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