Dance Of The Dawn


drawing by tamaya garner 21/11/17 ©

Its dark but morning is here
I lower my body till the feeling of sheepskin touches my skin
I exhale
shoulders still heavy from yesterdays thoughts
my eyes still closed, but I can see shadows
like moving images from a subway station

left arm extends
I feel for the heat coming off the coffee cup
passing my fingers over the slippery glaze
singed by the hot coffee inside
my fingers slip through the handle 
as my thumb rubs its back
stroking  it like a lover’s face

beautiful glazed vessel is brought to my lips
violins play in the background
soft and with grace
giving soul to the morning pace

I take in with full breath
the fragrance of steamed coffee beans 
mixed with a touch of hot peppers
my hands hold the cup 
in the same manner as a priest holds a chalice

track 7 unites the earthbound piano keys 
with the winds plucking long strands of hair on the harp

that first sip
 my nose inhales the aroma hovering in the cup
a transfusion, an awakening of my senses 
the first slow dance of the day starts with 
my morning cup of coffee

track 11, the final dance, as the harp circles the room for one more twirl with the violin and piano.
Taking the final bow

november 21 2017 

I thank Angele Dubeau and La Pieta, along with composer Ludovico Einaudi

7 thoughts on “Dance Of The Dawn

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I am trying to improve my craft. I do find that very early in the morning my mind seems to let me just go through the descriptions without my personal obsessing hehehe


  1. A relaxed and atmospheric piece Tamaya, very enjoyable with whimsy of the instruments and the synergy with the artwork. The artwork is evocative–it reminds me of something, something I’ve forgotten perhaps. 💜 PS: beautiful music, I wasn’t familiar with it.

    Liked by 1 person

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