elbows weighing heavily on the wooden table
bearing down in the palms of my hands
held captive by
words, thoughts, images, sounds

are the waves crashing against the ancient rock
the ocean, filled with memories of time
is the cello that moans with the wind
quenching my parched heart

I fill my ears with notes of Glass
the tapping of ivory keys
vibrate through my skin

my skin
my skin
that has been holding a million tears
holding, like some golden treasure
an illusion that I have created
a place that I run to when the world feels foreign

Glass fingers keep tapping
causing my heart to swell, expand, expose itself
music eclipses sorrow
holding and slowing time
I pause 
allowing my breath to penetrate
my heart to go quiet
allowing myself to feel the rhythm

One note
a continuance of notes
all are the blood that nourishes
my mind and heart
it can be heard everywhere
it can also be seen
as it touches  a leaf on a tree
or skips along the water’s surface
the motivation of life

september 12 2017





4 thoughts on “

  1. What a beautiful moving piece, and the photo and the artwork. The “held captive by/words, thoughts, images, sounds” for me means not just from the past but from the present, the music which evokes memories of other times itself, and the last stanza is delicious, evocative. 💚 Glass–I am thinking Philip?

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    1. Thank you, Steve!
      Yes it is Philip Glass. I am in awe of his talent. I am happy you like the painting as well. I spent a month last oct. on Fogo Island Newfoundland and I have felt great sadness leaving. The painting is trying to express that. I have never been to a place that was able to capture all elements of my soul. I wrote a lot from the little saltbox house perched on the rocks. Its in my other blog called Dear Fogo.
      again thank you for your comments and support.

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