Fill Your Mind With A Moment

Photo on 2017-05-13 at 9.04 AM.jpg

may 13 2017

the morning was young
the coffee fresh and hot
Bach: keyboard partita #2 in C minor
takes my mind to special places
glass marbles of indigo and sea blue
reminiscent of kisses in the water

a red winged blackbird descends
its wings stretched twice its length
falling, not like a leaf for it is light and sways with the slightest hint of a breath
more like a parachute falling with weight and precision

I can see the red brushstroke hopping about in the reeds
chasing undesirables from his home of cat tails and water grass
he is so busy this male
walking about on the cut grass 
calling and skipping to what seems as a gesture of fun
at least to these human eyes.
is there anything sweeter then watching the quiet moments of life?

I sit high near the branches
and pretend I am a bird


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