31 Years Ago Today

thirty one years ago today
our home was full of family from near and far
pots of boiling water on the stove
sisters from both sides chatting like squirrels and working
tables were being set up in the open yard
a plastic tent with violet flowers painted on it was strong from house to studio
welding tables sheathed with new sheets of bronze
reflected flowers painted on all the cement walls
morning light shone through freshly cleaned windows
kissed the purple dancing floor

the studio yard was full of our friends and family clapping
as my brother and our dog Guzik walked me down the path
to that beautiful man standing with open heart
willing to commit the rest of his life being with me
never had anyone loved me with such intensity and without reservations
we exchanged silver sculpted Garner bracelets

‘trust my love but not blindly’ he inscribed on a drawing of us
mama made a wonky fat cake that was spectacular
with a big piece of cake in my hand
I walked among to all our guests
that happily ate from my hand

the bronze tables were full of pit roasted pig
bowls of boiled potatoes and bowls of greens
the wine especially made from my brother in law
was labeled with our photo
only one bottle remained which my mom saved for us

everyone ate and drank and danced into the night
but it was just the two of us in the end
toasting each other in the jacuzzi

It was a day to celebrate a union of two heart
only weeks after when photos started coming in
did we notice that I forgot to order table clothes
that they were covered with butchers paper
No One Cared!
there was no centre pieces as prizes
there was no matching chair covers
No One really cares of that stuff
its your love that decorates

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