Time To Call For Reinforcements

The idea that you can do everything yourself can at times go too far. I have been trying to do plumbing with a friend and we did get the new pump installed [ i did find out that we did not wire it to the correct voltage :/] Then it was a very very long day of priming the hoes that goes across the yard and down the hill to the spring well I have.  There were moments that we just laughed because we in all our glory started to fill this 2″black pipe only to hear big gushes of water pouring out the other end. heheh We had primed a spare pipe that went nowhere. Now you have to laugh at this don’t you?

What continued to happen next was not so uplifting and full of joy. One by one a leak would appear and we would cut it out and soldier the two sections together with a sleeve  that is a cooler type thing that is slightly bigger then the copper pipe. It was as if we were being giving time to fix one at a time. Oh yes the gods were looking out for us. [NOT]  Still my tenant is very patient and has a good disposition. If that were B years ago you could probably hear his swearing on to the next concession. By 8pm at night we were done 17  splits in the copper pipes EXHAUSTING!!.

When he left I turned the tap on to wash some dishes and my heart kind of sank as the pressure got less pressure of water and more pressure of me..  Well I thought I flipped the breaker for the pump and grabbed my suitcase then locked the house up and sat in my van. There I took a deep breath and texted  my friends: I said

With bones aching and spirits bruised. I leave this house of waterless wonder. Hours did we pet her and treat her with love and care only to now have water but new expensive pump faked. Alas I ride now on my chariot and  drive off to lotus e land where the Chicago will lover no matter. See you in an hour. Now as I copied this from my text I noticed how spellcheck can really crate strange messages. Chicago? I don’t know how that one came about.

Four days later I am back and called a plumber to fix up all the loose ends.  While this was being done by a young man with great skill I trenched the reflecting pool at the front of the house. Now am am going to go buy three gallons of white tremclad, paint and rollers so I can paint my shipping container. I thought I would give the entire thing a white base coat then possibly add doors and windows [painted on that is] so when I move to Newfoundland it will look like another house from the distance. Smart ay. I will post photos later but for now.

Have a very happy Victoria day weekend to all Canadians.  I might buy myself some hanging plants.

Its my deceased husband’s birthday on monday the 23. I will raise a glass to him.


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