Did I Say?

I’m sitting here just outside of town and have just had two boiled eggs and pancakes. I can see your eyes opening as I write! I always find that sitting in a restaurant is the best place to be alone and write. Something about the audio background and knowing that no one will approach you and talk. I can’t remember if I told you but I have been gifted some Tara Angel cards. These belonged to my friend who is packing her mind and getting ready to depart our world.
Last night I sat on my bed, legs crossed and pillow in front as a table. While I read the directions I was handling the cards with my energy, in doing this I found a piece of paper written by K and it was obviously her reading from the last time she used the cards. How do I know this you are asking yourself I’ll bet. Well when I turned the cards over the reading was still in sequence. This is like getting a personal note from my friend. It shows me what she was thinking and some of her comments to the reading. All in her perfect and very legible writing.

[ I digress for a moment, a woman just sat at the table in front of me and she smells good! She smells like a holiday. Do you know what I mean? That freshly washed and powdered fragrance anyway back to the blog]
One hand cradling the cards and the other running my fingers over her writing. I then put that back and started to read again. I had decided that I would first try the Instinct Method which is shuffle the cards, face down till you feel energy from one then place it in front of you you keep doing this until you feel you are done. I ended up picking eight cards, that was what my energy was telling me. Reading the instructions again I realized that the first one to the left was my immediate past concerning, then the one to the right of it was my present situation with the remaining representing future in three months increments. They were:
PEACE OF MIND………………….January
BREAKING FREE………………….April
MIRICLE HEALING………………..October

I am telling you this because it has created a shift in me. I have had no pull to drive to the value land or eat bacon and I have just drunk three glasses of water with my brunch which was two pancakes with two boiled eggs.
I have also begun writing a plan to move to this place on a island I want to get to. No its not the tropics but it is in canada and I am getting so much resistance from this from my friends that I will only speak to you about it. I can’t have people create obstacles for me I do enough of that myself.
So for now I conclude this post for the waitress is getting antsy.
Love you all my friends

Stand tall for you are alone in the room
Do not let others even well meaning ones step on your happy thoughts

Did I Say?

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