Widowed Without A Manual

Some of us grieve longer then others. I will not be rushed out of my love, that still inhabits my heart.

Moments to Remember

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I know its simple but perhaps that is a good thing. Days left before my first solo opening night. I am excited and petrified. There is still much to do but I am very tired and sitting here talking to you instead. Talking to you is always a good thing heheh. I have always been the other person. The one that did the ads, photographed the work, mailed the invitations, pressed the clothes and pack the van. Now I still do most of that when I get it done that is AND  I have created all the art as well! It’s a lot, isn’t it?

It may sound like I am whining but I’m not. Being a bit of a control freak means that I like to do things on my own. There is something about putting the ice in the glass. I don’t know where that came from.

I must go buy a paper and see if I made the deadline time for todays paper. wish me luck.


Author: ilovecloudstoo

I live in Canada though​ I was not born here. Newfoundland is where my heart breathes. Primarily I am a visual artist, welded and or cast bronze sculptures. Sylvia Plath may have been the seed planted in me that is creating poetry. Since then I have read so many great modern poets work. Art is my sustaining business poetry sustains my soul.

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