Widowed Without A Manual

Some of us grieve longer then others. I will not be rushed out of my love, that still inhabits my heart.

Boxes of Memories

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The day has come. 

Time to really pack and get rid of things. The urgency of my siblings having waited long enough for their inheritance has come. It is now time for me to pack and move on. 

For about two weeks now I have been sorting and packing things of importance. My books were the first and easiest things to decide in packing and bring. I have  decided that I will never ware his coat or shoes. I did however take photos of these things. I found B’s wedding shirt. I washed it and will keep it. There are certainly items of clothing that SO RINGS OF HIM so I will keep them.

I drove to the valuevillage five times! I have set a deadline for myself, by renting a truck. I keep moving into smaller spaces. ultimatly we will all be in a box or urn.  


Author: ilovecloudstoo

I live in Canada though​ I was not born here. Newfoundland is where my heart breathes. Primarily I am a visual artist, welded and or cast bronze sculptures. Sylvia Plath may have been the seed planted in me that is creating poetry. Since then I have read so many great modern poets work. Art is my sustaining business poetry sustains my soul.

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