Quick Note

So normally I have all day and night on my own. this weekend has been anything but!. I started it by inviting my sister in law for dinner yesterday. I first went to buy four more large canvases then did my aimless driving till I got back here and had to quickly pull the house together!. I rearranged the walls of paintings and prepared a fish soup. If it was just me I never would have done either. It was so good having her over. She too is a widow, never remarried but man has she been successful!. Honestly I don’t know how she does it.

A is very encouraging and helps my weeping heart. We speak freely of the pain of widowhood. There is this painting I finished , well not really because it sits across from me now for I have been working on it again. It’s a painting of confusion, wounded heart, but it does have light colours and bubble like circles all over it with these figures running everywhere. I posted it but all I got back was “wow I love it! Its so happy! bla bla. they did not get it nor did they take time to look at the head that was split open.

A got it! Yup, she did not fail me. It means a lot to have someone take the time and not just say oh nice!.

well I should get ready. I’m going to see my friend in a play tonight!




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