We Have All Had Days




The nature station on t.v. helps put me in a rainy day mood. This is a good thing. Although the distant sounds of parrots is foreign to me.  I have just put my friends wig on for my head and mind feels cold. I now understand the importance of artist residencies. A place to go and be alone to work. I have been so fortunate to have mom’s house to be in for this time. Spring is coming though and my siblings want their money, rightly so. I look at it an another chapter, another page to draw on another sculpture to create. This wig is making me seem better then I was :/

My friends husband passed away last week.  She was a fellow confidant, another wife that was in the same ship. I am 15 months in my journey, she is just starting. Oh dear I would not want to be just starting again.

My bed has become my closest friend, my lover my security, protector. Everything around me seems to be feather orianted. feathers under me in bed and over me. Feathers in my paintings. Feathers in jars as bouquets. Perhaps its my need of flight?

As I write I remember the things that helped me in the first month. A basket of  chocolate, oranges, crackers, fancy jelly, teas. As I would pull myself out of bed I would eventually just allow my fingers to creep their way in the basket, landing on anything that caught my eye. This is how I ate for the first while. I think that this is what I will do for my friend. give her something to assist her in this time.


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