Duties of a Sculptor’s Widow

When you hold copyright, it does not only mean you can complete editions etc. It also means that its your responsibility to honour the intensions and wishes of the deceased artist.

Last year, four months after B passed away I felt that I had been thrown to the wolves. Word had it that  one of his monuments would be moved to make room for another. Well you can imagine! Barely able to get up in the mornings I somehow had to organize my thoughts properly to make sense my feelings to reporters. This  was my first encounter and I ended up coming across as a wounded, disoriented widow. Which I was.

Words were said. The public got involved to support me mostly then things rested till this christmas. A call from a reporter informed me of a copyright infringement. There was feelings of “OH DAM NOT AGAIN!” then calm with the great advice of a family member. I had decided that I would look and decide myself to see if in fact I felt there was an infringement. 

It was horrid! A plastic tube of coloured flashing lights wrapped around the neck of the sculpture! To make a long emotional story short, I ended up calling in reinforcements from CARFAC’s lawyer and things were removed and resolved.

This brings us up to date. Yesterday I had my first meeting to look at new sites for the sculpture. Five were shown and one was and is so perfect I am fearful to mention it till its a done deal.

The thing is would they have had this fantastic location if I had not shown my strength and defiance last year? I think not.

But I takes so much energy to be strong in face of others even for three hours. Last night I bought myself a bottle of red wine and by 8pm it was done. 

My friends have been wonderful with me but I do feel in myself that I can’t open to them much more because it has been 15 months and I feel that I should be over all of this. I don’t want to ware them out. They say don’t be silly but you can tell when no one wants to hear anymore from the grieving widow.

In so many ways I am finding this second year harder then the first. I’m fortunate to have my artistic talent so I can vent.  I would like to curl up in my chair and put a pillow over my head and sleep till its all been processed. But I know that when I woke I would have to continue and go through it. 

Its exhausting.



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