Hair On or Off?

Bears have it right. Winter comes and its time to hibernate.  Yesterday I started to feel that my hair needed to come off. I was to go and get this done but after shopping for food I tired myself and thus forgot.  I have cancelled two events , mostly due to weather but I did not feel up to it anyway. So here I sit. Head hurting but not wanting to take flu medication. I think I just want to feel physical pain. No one can tell just by looking at you that your emotionally a mess! It would be better if our skin turned a different colour.

Now that christmas is here it just gets worse. No one wants to hear  another person’s screams of anguish.

I suppose that is why I felt compelled to cut my hair off. To do something physical to my person so someone will say, how are you and wait for a reply.  I wouldn’t get it from my family for they will just say ‘what did you do that for?’ I know that I have many friends that support me and look out for me so why do I even care that my family gives a hoot what I am feeling. I really should move away from them for they make me feel that I am not living a good and proper life being an artist. I need to surround myself with people that think outside the box and inspire to original thought. I am not a person that looks forward to renovations or buying new furniture.

I am feeling too ill to continue today.

so hair left on or off


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