Widowed Without A Manual

Some of us grieve longer then others. I will not be rushed out of my love, that still inhabits my heart.

Keep Your Head Above

How many find that when you drive you mind becomes like short family videos? All those seemly insignificant conversations, now play on a loop. I remember how we sat together in the van, looking at two crows sitting on a bench. I remember thinking “remember this”. By following my instinct I photographed him constantly. I videoed him while he did those wonderful things he did. I photographed him sleeping. I drew him sleeping. I embedded so many images of him in my mind. Now they have become what is left. I am quite content to sit alone curled up with the blanket that covered him most nights. If the phone rings I let it. I stare at it willing it to go away.
How many others feel this way?
I concentrate and accomplish one thing then I have to rest for I feel like I ran a marathon [even though I never have but you get the drift].
I again have to leave you all if anyone reads this and try and accomplish another thing or two today. Then I will close the blinds and sleep.


Author: ilovecloudstoo

I live in Canada though​ I was not born here. Newfoundland is where my heart breathes. Primarily I am a visual artist, welded and or cast bronze sculptures. Sylvia Plath may have been the seed planted in me that is creating poetry. Since then I have read so many great modern poets work. Art is my sustaining business poetry sustains my soul.

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